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Fred Andreas, Principal Architect

Fred Andreas - AIA, LEED AP BD+C, Principal Architect

Mr. Andreas has a total of 30 years experience in sustainable design in architecture, urban design/planning and preservation projects in a variety of locations throughout the United States. His broad experience includes all phases of sustainable development from the very early schematic and planning phases to final project closeout. Sustainable project types have included Historic Preservation, Retail/Mixed Use, Large Scale Urban Design Aquariums/Marinas, Affordable Multi-Family Residential, Urban Design/City Center, Commercial/Office, Public/Institutional and range in size from 10,000 sq. ft. up to several million square feet in large-scale urban redevelopment projects. His professional career includes LEED, ecological, sustainable and architectural design and development experience in both Denver and Boston, involving projects throughout the United States. His past positions have included Senior Architect, Associate Architect, Project Management Architect, Project Architect and Principal Architect. His expertise includes the ability to bring development, architecture and construction practices together within the tenets of sustainability, providing projects that meet both the owner’s needs and budget. Having directed a number of large mixed-use urban projects for both the private and public sector, he understands how to effectively coordinate sustainable projects within complex projects. His sustainable focus and effective cost conscious approach comes from a broad understanding of a variety of disciplines, applied to a variety of project types. Mr. Andreas continues to develop innovative sustainable and green design tenets teaching those approaches for the last 19 years as Assistant Professor Adjunct at the College of Architecture, University of Colorado, Denver at the graduate level. He has remained integrally involved in green and sustainable research, writing, speaking, advocating, curriculum and center development and teaching. His courses, curriculum and activities have focused on sustainable design, green design, LEED and include green project development, project design, urban design, sustainable analysis, green technology, architectural sustainability, developing world practices/solutions and sustainable development.

Professional Resume

Frederick M. Andreas, AIA, LEED AP BD+C

Education University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado University of Colorado, Denver, Colorado BA Environmental Biology, 1980 College of Architecture and Planning, M ARCH 1983 Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts A.L.M. Pending, ABT, Master’s Degree in Design Studies Studies toward Master of Liberal Arts Degree in Design Science, 1987 - 1990 Licenses and Associations - LEED AP Accredited Professional since 2004 - Faculty Member, College of Architecture and Planning, University of Colorado, Boulder & Denver - Licensed Architect State of Colorado; 1989-present - Licensed Architect State of Texas, 2009 – 2010 - National Council of Architects Registration Boards (NCARB), National Registration - American Institute of Architects member: Committee Chair COTE Advocacy,      AIA Denver Executive Board and Vice President - AIA Colorado Board spokesperson State Legislature on green legislation,      Leadership COTE and GAC, Public Affairs Chair Published Works Greenbuilding Resource Guides, Vol. I – III, International distribution, Elsevier/Oxford Press 2013 - 2014 Project Websites - Click on any of the links to be taken to the website: UNiT design studio's Projects The University of Colorado's Living Wall - A Revolution in Commercial & Residential Green Building Project Blogs - Click on any of the links to be taken to the blog: Sustainability in Ukraine Urban Architecture & Politics in Eastern Europe Sustainable Urbanism in Lowrey Redevelopment Downtown Sustainable Urban Redevelopment on Welton Street Greenbuilding in Guatemala Sustainable School Construction in Guatemala Denver Eco-City Development at Sun Valley Zero Energy DOE Competition for Housing in Downtown Denver Eco-City & Sustainable Urbanism in the Denver National Western Stock Show Featured Article: “Pushing the Envelope”, Colorado Architect. Winter 2012; Juror National “Creative Minds Competition” Academic Paper: NSF EFRI-SEED: Living Wall Materials and Systems for Automatic Building Thermo-Regulation Academic Paper: Eco-City and Urban Agriculture in Denver’s Sustainable Urbanism Developments Academic Paper: APEC Conference on Low Carbon Towns and Projects 2013, Changsha, Hunan Province, China Co-author: A Simple Path to Sustainability, Preager Press, Clio Publishing, LA, CA. 2011 Contributing Author: Encyclopedia of Housing. Ed. By Willem van Vliet, California: Sage Publications, 1998. Grants EFRI-SEED Preliminary Proposal: Living Wall Materials and Systems for Automatic Building Thermo-Regulation, EFRI NSF, $2M/$400K Architecture IGERT NSF Grant 2007 – 2013 $ 2.9M, CAP, Engineering and Business Colleges Professional Focus Sustainable/Green Architecture and Planning, SMART Urban and Community Design, Urbanism/Urban Rejuvenation, Conservation, Ecologic Architectural Design, Historic Preservation, Green and Sustainable Development, Passive System Design, Appropriate and Green Technology. Academic Experience University of Colorado Graduate, College of Architecture and Planning (CAP), Denver/Boulder Associate Professor, 1992 to Present Fellow for the College of Architecture and Planning Center of Sustainable Urbanism, 2015 Responsibilities include the design, development and instruction of undergraduate and graduate courses focusing on Sustainable and Green Design. Activities include lecturer, design critic, independent study, thesis and research advisor, contributing author, green computer lab design and development, research, community outreach, seminars, guest lectures, committees and student advising. Involvement includes green curriculum course development, research development and strategic planning. Developed courses include all aspects of sustainable architectural design: Solar and Sustainable Design Green Building Tech: Sustainable Passive Systems Sustainable Urban Design LEED Certification, Green Building Principles Green Building Tech: Green Materials Green Building Advanced Studio Green Programs and Centers: Co-Author, Center for Emerging Practices 2007 - 20010 Co-author, responsible for developing a new Center focusing on sustainable/green research and development, community outreach, industry/government partnerships, public funding, grant based research, curriculum development, and course offerings, establishing a research and learning think-tank in sustainable and green architectural studies. Primary activities include: green program and research development, fund raising, partnership development and curriculum. College of Architecture & Planning: Undergraduate & Graduate Committees:, 2006 – Present. BS Degree Curriculum Committee in Architecture 2011 – 2013; CAACC Master’s Program Curriculum Committee 2013; 2012 – 2013. Study Abroad course development and delivery for courses in Guatemala, Poland and Ukraine, 2011 - 2013; UCD Building Design Committee 2013; Green Curriculum planning 2005 – 2011. Activities include establishing Green Building Studio partnerships with AmeriCorps, creating community outreach, sustainable/green community development. Additional Program and Center development activities include Advisory Executive Committee member for UCD’s IGERT/NSF and Center for Sustainable Infrastructure Development C–SID an interdepartmental Center between Engineering, GSPA, Anthropology and Architecture focusing on sustainable system development and curriculum, 2006 – 2007. Founder of the Center for Sustainable Futures CCSF, a University wide center coordinating research opportunities, funding and education across the entire UCD campus. CAP representative and contributing member of the newly formed Sustainability HUB for UCDHSC campus wide sustainable design center. The College’s Representative on the CU Campus Presidents Council on Sustainability and the Campus Council on Sustainability CCOS, developing campus strategies to reach Zero Net Energy by mid century. College Representative for CU Online Advisory Council, steering campus wide initiatives in on line learning and curriculum. Curriculum developer for Dar Al-Hekma’s Bachelor’s of Architecture program in Saudi Arabia 2010, Co-Principal Investigator for NSF EFRI Grant developing new green technologies 2010- 2013. Advisor on the PhD Committees for two grad student’s dissertation on High Performance Design and LEED Certification application in the US and Developing World, 2009 - 2012. University of Colorado Boulder, College of Engineering Assistant Professor Adjunct, 2010 to Present Responsibilities include the research and development of the newly funded National Science Foundation, Emerging Frontiers in Research and Innovation developing a “Living Wall” System. Activities include the development of research protocols, programs, managing RA research assistants, and project team coordination. National Science Foundation: Emerging Frontiers in Research and Innovation: NSF EFRI Grant Recipient Co-Principal Investigator for new innovations in interstitial wall systems, developing new technologies for a “Living Wall System” through Engineering at UCB. Partnerships include: The Renewable and Sustainable Energy Institute, NREL, DOE and NIST. This $2M grant will carry graduate and researcher level research through 2014. Responsible for overall system and software development for analysis. Professional Experience UNiT Design Studio, p.c., Denver, Colorado: President and Principal Architect 2000 to Present Responsible for all aspects of operations for a small firm ranging in size between 4 – 10 employees, specializing in sustainable architecture and urban design. Responsibilities include LEED consultation, strategic planning, marketing, funding, project and budget development, business development, design, CD supervision and daily operations for multiple projects in sustainable architecture. Clients include State Government, City Government, non-profit organizations, public housing authorities, private developers and institutional clients. Previous and ongoing clients include the State of Colorado, Colorado Historical Society, State Historic Fund, The State Architect’s Office, State Buildings, Denver Housing Authority, City of Denver Department of Community Development and Housing and Neighborhood Development Services (HANDS), City of Brighton, the Bi-State Cumbers and Toltec Commission, Denver area churches, Post Properties and the Colorado State Capitol. Andreas Associates Architects and Planners, Denver, Colorado, President and Principal Architect 1990 to 2000 Specializing in sustainable architecture and master planning, Climatic and Passive Solar Design. Responsible for all aspects of operations for a small, firm specializing in sustainable architecture and planning. Responsibilities included sustainable consultations, design, supervision and marketing of all firm projects, including: Sustainable strategies and planning Sustainable systems development Project management Liaison with Government Agencies Design and technical reviews Design development, direction and supervision Planning and urban development Marketing and business operations Client and Consultant Meetings HDS Architects Associate Architect, Cambridge, Massachusetts: Project Architect, 1987 to 1990 HDS Architects specialized in large-scale urban design in coastal urban areas. A sustainable approach focused on urban redevelopment, reestablishing of traditional urban fabric and patterns, accomplished through urban and waterfront redevelopment involving mixed-use projects of festival marketplaces, marinas, offices, commercial, retail and housing. Responsibilities included project design, management, budgeting, funding, public presentations, marketing, strategic planning, government liaison and operations planning. American Institute of Architects Activities Vice President, Leadership, Committee Chair, Executive Committees, Spokesperson, 1993 - 2011 AIA Denver Service Award, 2010 AIA Colorado Government Affairs Committee 2007 - 2011 AIA Denver, President’s Award, 2009 AIA Utah, Juror Statewide Sustainability Design Awards, 2009 AIA Denver, Vice President, 2008 - 2009; AIA Denver Executive Committee 2008 - 2009 AIA Denver Board of Directors 2008 - 2009 AIA Denver Public Affairs Committee Chair 2008 - 2009 AIA Wyoming Statewide Sustainability Conference Keynote Speaker 2008 AIA Colorado President’s Award, 2007, 2008, 2009: For meritorious service to the AIA AIA Denver COTE Service Award, 2007 AIA Colorado & AIA Denver Liaison: Committee on the Environment (COTE), 2000 to present AIA Denver Board of Director’s Representative: Government Affairs Committee (GAC), 2006 to present Featured Speaker & Co-author: for joint sessions Colorado Legislature in support of SB 51, 2006 -2007 AIA Colorado Board Spokesperson: Senate and House Committee Hearings, Green Building Initiatives, 2006 – 2007 AIA Colorado Board Advisor State Architect’s Office: Green Building and LEED Regulations, High Performance Standards, LEED Certification, SMART Buildings,      Budgeting and Cost Analysis Modeling, 2007 - 08 Chair AIA COTE Advocacy Committee: Focusing on State initiatives, Greenprint interface, green organization liaison, 2006 - 2008 AIA Colorado Board Representative on Green Initiatives Colorado Legislature, 2006 – 2007 BA & BCC Representative and Contributing Author: Green Building Initiative Legislation, Legislative Session, 2005 - 2007 Presenter, State Department Directors, Green Building Standards and LEED Certification Standards and Budgeting, 2007 Member of Architects for Social Responsibility, Committee for Homeless, Urban Design Committee Boston Society of Architects, 1987 – 1992 Co-Founder Architects for Social Responsibility, AIA Denver, 1993 Webinar Presentations Governor’s Energy Office, GEO, High Performance Design 2011 AIA Webinar, IECC and Energy Codes 2010 Speaking Engagements Keynote speaker at IEA International Energy Agency’s meeting on Zero Net Energy Buildings and Strategies, 2014, Lyon France Invited guest speaker at NSF National Conference on Sustainability in Energy and Environmental Design (SEED) March 2012 Guest Presenter for High Performance Legislation in front of Legislature, February 2012 Net Impact Sustainable Business Strategies 2011; CORE National Conference 2010 Alliance Center AFEC Conference 2009 COTE AIA Committee on the Environment Seminar 2010 Keynote Address Greenspaces Conference 2010 Special lecturer UCB Engineering, UCD IGERT, Denver Public Schools 2009 & 2010 UCD Student Affairs Conference Keynote Speaker “The Future of Green Architecture 2010 Honors and Activities Arthur A. & Florence G. Fisher Traveling Scholarship for studies in Eastern Europe 2013 Invited guest speaker at APEC Conference on Low Carbon Towns and Projects, Changsha, Hunan Province, China 2013 Featured guest speaker Wuxi Town Council and Development Department, Eco City Development, Wuxi, China 2013 Visiting Faculty Southeast University, Nanjing China, for interim term courses in sustainable and green design 2013 Faculty Advisor for Top National Award winning team for DOE’s National Better Buildings Challenge Competition March 2012 Publishing Greenbuilding Resource Guides, Vol. I – IV, Elsevier/Oxford Press 2012 Guest Presenter for High Performance Legislation in front of Legislature, February 2012 Co-author: A Simple Path to Sustainability, Preager Press, Clio Publishing, LA, CA. 2011 Featured article: “Pushing the Envelope”, Colorado Architect. Winter 2011-2012 University of Colorado, Denver Co-Founder and Board Member of UCD’s “Wirth Chair Sustainability Series” a monthly forum for sustainable leaders presenting their work in sustainability 2011 Founder and Faculty Advisor for Sustainability Series Student Subcommittees, including Marketing, Logistics, Partnerships and Technology 2011 Founder and Faculty Advisor for USGBC Student Chapter, UCD 2011 IGERT, Faculty Member & Speaker 2006 – 2010 Presenter Student Government’s “The Future of Green Architecture” 2010 MBA UCD Graduate School of Business “Managing for Sustainability” Seminar 2010 Presenter Net Impact Seminar “Sustainable Communities” 2011 Advisory Board TOD East/West Initiative UCD/Fast Tracks Partnership UCD College of Architecture and Planning 2010 – 2011 Career Education Center, CEC Presenter: “Green Building and Sustainable Careers” 2010 CU Online, Board of Directors, 2008 - 2011 Webinar Presentations: NSF High Performance Buildings 2011 Governor’s Energy Office High Performance Design 2011 AIA IECC and Energy Codes 2010 Speaking Engagements - University of Colorado, Denver: Net Impact Sustainable Business Strategies 2011 CORE National Conference 2010 Alliance Center AFEC Conference 2009 COTE AIA Committee on the Environment Seminar 2010 Keynote Address Greenspaces Conference 2010 Special lecturer UCB Engineering, UCD IGERT, Denver Public Schools 2009 & 2010 UCD Student Affairs Conference Keynote Speaker “The Future of Green Architecture 2010 Top Honor Award: Campus Wide Outstanding Research and Creative Activity Award, University of Colorado Denver, Research and Creative Activities Symposium, Union Station Sustainable Urban Design, 2009 Top Honor Award Greenbuilding Studio 2009, College of Architecture and Planning, All Studio Design Competition Award, 2009 Winner USGBC Emerging Green Builder’s Natural Design Competition, winning 4 of 5 slots for Western Region 2006, 2007, 2008 Special LEED Consultant: Governor’s Energy Office and Office of the State Architect, 2007 – 2008 City of Denver, Greenprint Denver Taskforce for Greening City Government, 2008 UCD President’s Climate Control Commitment Council, 2008 UCD Sustainability Hub Steering Committee, 2007 – 2008 UCD IGERT/NSF Research Center Development and Steering Committee, 2006 - 2008 CU LEADS, Teaching Excellence and Leadership Faculty Award, 2008; Featured Guest Speaker, Energy Star Summit, 2007 Co-developer University of Colorado, College of Architecture and Planning’s new Emerging Practices Center, 2007 - 2008 USGBC: Honorable Mention: National USGBC Design Competition, Greenbuild, 2006, 2nd place 2009 UCD Greenbuilding Studio: USGBC Design Competition: Winner 1st & 2nd place & 4 of 5 categories, 2006, 2007 & 2008 Steering Committee, Building Alliance, Building Colorado Coalition, 2005 - 2007 Advisory Executive Committee UCD’s Center for Sustainable Infrastructure Development: IGERT/NSF, 2006 - 2008 Key Note Speaker, Western Design Conference, 1999, “Sustainability in Architecture” “Teacher of the Year, 1999” Department of Architecture and Planning, CU Denver and Boulder Contributing author, Encyclopedia of Housing. Ed. By Willem van Vliet, California: Sage Publications, 1998. National Endowment for the Arts, N.E.A. Grant for Design Innovation, 1992 – 1993. American Institute of Architects National Scholarship, Colorado Institute of Architects Gordon Sweet Scholarship, 1982.

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