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About UNiT

About UNiT

UNiT design studio, p.c. is led by Fred Andreas-AIA, LEED AP BD+C, a professor at the Architecture Department the College of Architecture and Planning at the University of Colorado at Denver and Boulder, having practiced for the past 30 years. His education includes a BS in Environmental Biology and a minor in Environmental Design as well as a Master’s of Architecture specializing in sustainable and environmental studies and a second Master’s in Design Science pending. His current work includes codirector the start-up of a new Emerging Practices Center through CU Denver and Boulder, specializing in cutting edge research in green and environmental design solutions. He’s known as the green and environmental design professor, having run a number of award-winning Advanced Design Studios at the undergraduate and graduate level in architectural greenbuilding design for the past 15 years. Project Manager Chad Chalupsky graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder with a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Design and has been working for UNiT design studio for the past 6 years. Our firm specializes in sustainable architecture and ur­ban design. Our primary focus: to enhance and update the architectural and urban design challenges from the past into sustainable, high performance gems of the 21st Century. Sustainability includes a broad brush of concepts, all colored by three principles of sustainable design. Each UNiT project must:
  • Provide opportunities and solutions for a diverse population
  • Stand the test of time - be adaptable for future survival
  • Have sustainable business plans and be reasonably affordable
Sustainability to us defines the timeless nature of all relationships. This minimally includes sustained relationships with our clients, the occupants/users of a project, and certainly the environment. This concept expands into a broader understanding of each of these relationships. The client includes all those involved in the planning and vision of a project. The occupants include those in the present and the future but also the surrounding neighborhoods, the surrounding blocks, city, urban and ultimately regional context. The environment includes the direct affects on the site, as well as the natural, cultural, historical, regional, and macro scale considerations that interact with design decisions on a micro scale. This understanding defines our inclusive design process. Thus, architectural and urban design, as well as planning policy transform into a sustainable integrated design process involving all team members in the solution.
UNiT’s principal architect has over 30 years of experience, focusing on the ideas of integrated sustainable design within the realm of architecture, urban design and historic preservation. Addi­tionally, our team of designers consists of individuals with backgrounds in architecture, landscape architecture, urban planning, and business management. Our environmentally sensitive, personable team includes LEED Accredited Professionals and uses best business practices on all projects. Our projects range from large scale urban designs to residential scale projects. While the parameters of a project always change, our overlying principles do not. Through practice, teaching, and writing, our designs remain sustained through diversity, time and money. While it remains our client’s choice to apply for LEED certification of a project, our design approach and standards are always inline with the ideals of LEED: that of integrated, whole-building design for high performance, sustainable projects. This design process, tempered with these principles, creates a strong foundation for successful and sustainable results.

UNiT design studio Commitment

Our mission is to generate integrated, whole-building design solutions; create healthy, sustainable projects; and to promote appreciation of our historic heritage, while including all stakeholders in the design process from concept to project completion.

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